High Risk Medical Support

First Care Medical has the experience and expertise to plan and provide medical support for high risk and large events.


Our role starts at the planning stage when one of our experienced consultants will meet with event managers and other emergency service contacts. We will liaise with state ambulance services and hospitals to ensure your event meets local standards.

Risk Management and the ability to respond to Incidents  is the primary focus of our approach to medical services, with a secondary focus on reducing the impact of the event on public health services.




First Care Medical has a long and proven history of providing medical services to large events and worksites across Australia.

For events – we have a proven record of reducing ambulance responses and transports to hospital by the use of professional healthcare staff at major and high risk events. This approach has reduced the impact of public events on local public health services.

For worksites – onsite medical services including Health Centres and responsive site services, providing a safety net which allows both pro-active and reactive management of site safety.

FCM can provide

  • Pre-event liaison and Medical Plans, including a dedicated Medical Services Manager
  • Tiered staffing structure – ranging from First Responders to Doctors
  • On-Site Medical and Treatment Centres, ranging from First Aid to Intensive Care resuscitation facilities.
  • Integrated and seamless systems of recording patient presentation statistics and trends
  • Communications systems
  • Comprehensive post-event reports
  •  A range of vehicles including
    • Limited area access (eg: Golf Buggies, motorbikes, off-road vehicles, bicycles)
    • Rapid Intervention Vehicles
    • Stretcher Vehicles
    • 4X4

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.




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