Medical Support

Event Management is a specialised area – so why leave it to chance?

Most contemporary businesses and events understand that investment in their venue is the key to achieving goals and success.  At FIRST CARE MEDICAL, we  provide  the ability to positively manage the health and well-being of your most important asset – your employees and patrons.

Whether it is a public event or private function, chances are that someone, somewhere, somehow, will become sick or injured. As an event organiser, you have a duty of care to prepare for those unexpected emergencies

In the case of Cardiac Arrest, Heart Attack, Severe Asthma & Trauma, effective care by medical staff within the first 4 minutes means the difference between life and death.

First Care Medical can provide ALL links in this chain, including Advanced Life Support.  Our staff are highly qualified and experienced – bringing the most comprehensive and contemporary practices to plan and manage the medical requirements of your event.


Holding an event?

Is your event high risk or are you expecting more than 5000 people to attend?